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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing work permit expired can i still work

Instructions and Help about work permit expired can i still work

Hi there it's a N and today's video I wanted to talk to you guys about how to expedite an EAD request how to submit one so for those of you who are awaiting for your work permit and are inside the United States or you know your green card is pending and you have submitted the EAD request for your work permit this video is going to basically show you what the steps are on requesting your expedite so number one there must be a reason for your expedite and this is what they call the expedite criteria so there's a good number of them that USCIS provides that your case must fall into before you can submit an EAD request your EAD expedite request so the first one is severe financial loss to company or person second is an emergency situation third is humanitarian reasons for is nonprofit organization whose request is in the furtherance of cultural or social interest in the United States I don't know what that is and then if is a Department of Defense or national interest situation 6/7 is USCIS error and finally compelling interest of USCIS so I will say that a majority of these you probably will not fall into I've only seen two maybe three that are common when submitting your expedite request and that is of severe financial loss the emergency situation and sometimes you know humanitarian reasons all right so let's get into the actual steps on how to submit and how to request your EAD expedite so you can work right away so number one you must get your receipt notice from USCIS so if you have submitted your green card application or your adjustment of status then the first thing you're going to need is your receipt notice from USCIS and that usually comes in the mail about one week after you submit form i-485 as well as the you know supporting evidence so before applying for an EAD expedite you must have your receipt number or what they call a case number once you have this you can include it with your expedite and metal link your expedite request to your actual case that's pending okay so once you have that number two step two is that you must request your EAD expedite now there's three ways that you can do this the first way you can do it is by calling customer service and requesting the EAD expedite now I'll give you guys the phone number but I will say it could be a little bit of a hassle calling customer service but their phone number is 1-800-321-8633 was not approved you know as soon as possible or expedited then you need to show proof that there will be financial loss you know you can show thank statements you can show an employment letter saying that you know you will not get the job if you if you can't start at this period.


How do I apply for Canada work permit?
Canada Work Permit:A work permit for Canada is given to an individual who is not a citizen or permanent resident of Canada, yet wishes to work here. It is a mandatory work permit, irrespective of whether the employer lives in Canada or not. The validity is only for specific time duration and for a specified job only. This means that a single work permit is applicable only for the intended work. If you want to switch jobs, you need to apply for a new permit again.Canada Work Permit Process:This is a two-fold process. In the first level, a Canadian employer must receive an approval from the Canadian government to hire foreign workers. At the second stage, on being granted permission, the designated employees should apply for receiving a work permit.Canada Work Permit Requirements:At the time of applying for the Canada work permit, you need to meet certain requirements in order to get the work permit for Canada. These are:-Your intention of leaving the country after the lapse of the work permitShould be self-sufficient enough to support yourself and your family during your stay hereShould not be having a criminal backgroundMust meet the health requirementsCanada Work Permit ApplicationThis work permit application requires verification from the Canadian labor market. This is known as the Labor Market Opinion (LMO). On getting a positive LMO, an individual can apply for a work permit. However, there are some categories which do not require this approval like NAFTA and Post-Graduate Work Permits as well as Intra-Company Transfers.Canada Work Permit VisaWork Permit for Canada from IndiaCanada work visa Archives | More Visas
I came legally to the USA but my visa expired. How can I get a work permit?
If your visa has expired, you do not have any legal standing in this country and you should leave immediately. More you stay here in the US without a visa lessens your chances of obtaining another visa in the future.You, personally, can not obtain a work permit. Only an employer, who wishes to hire you, can apply for a so-called work permit (proper name is work visa of some letter and number) but you have to have some special skill for the employer to be able to do so.
How do I motivate myself to exercise?
One day I looked at the mirror and think to myself “how long are going to be like this?” I WANT TO CHANGE!! I want to stop looking at my body with shame. I want to stop other people from making fun of me. Most importantly, I want to LOVE myself. I started to eat a balanced diet and do regular exercises. Don’t get me wrong it’s hard at first but I just keep going.To keep myself motivated:Look at the mirror and tell yourself “I will make you beautiful and have more confidence”.Keep track of your weight for every 2 weeks to keep yourself motivated.Put up a picture of someone that have your ideal figure in your bedroom anywhere that you will see most frequently (e.g. beside your mirror or the wall beside your bed). This will be as a reminder for you to keep trying and never give up.Having someone that share the same goal with you or family members to help monitor you and support your goal. This will definitely help to keep yourself motivated.Don’t push yourself too hard and start small because you’re a beginner. If you push yourself too hard, it will upset your body and effect your motivation. Start with simple exercises and gradually increase it as your stamina increases. (Some people tell you to push yourself but this doesn’t work for me. So if you are like me, take my advice and start small).Same goes for eating healthily, always remember to eat a balance diet. My diet will always have 45% fiber, 30% carbohydrate and 25% protein. If that is still hard for you, eat regularly but in small quantity (use a small plate). Cut all junk foods to twice or trice per month. One more thing, don't forget to properly chew your food at least 30-40 time per bite. I know its very tiring but trust me you will feel full faster. Plus it really helps your stomach to digest food easier.I can tell you one thing, once you start living a healthy life, you will get addicted to it because you can see and feel the better difference in yourself. I manage to keep myself motivate until now and succeed in losing weight until I achieved my ideal weight. Keep trying and don’t give up. Some people may take a longer time but trust me, it’s worth it.
How can I get a job with an expired work permit in the US?
You have worked in US with work permit and now you are asking how to seek a job in US with expired work permit. You should know that an expired work permit will not be useful to seek and get a job.You need to first find an employer who will give you a job and sponsor you for work permit. On your own you cannot renew or get a new work permit.Good luck.
Can you travel to Canada on a work permit from the US if your I 94 is expired?
Travel to Canada requires a separate visa unless you are a citizen of Visa exempted country. I94 validity is only for US and doesn't apply to Canada. Assuming you got your visa and went to Canada, while you come back, you need to prove your right to enter US - which means you need a valid visa to the US along with all the paperwork for your work permit. You can't enter with a expired work permit.
What is the best way to find a sponsorship and get the Tier 2 visa in the UK?
Tier 2 is part of the points based system in the UK and if you fulfil specific criteria you could get a visa to work in the UK.  The system awards you points in three categories which are: attributes, English language, and maintenance.  Any organisation offering you a job must be a licensed sponsor (you will score points for this under attributes).  Tier 2 has four categories and understanding these categories (1 and 2 in particular) is the best starting point for finding sponsorship:1. General ‡ if you have an offer of a skilled job that cannot be filled by a settled worker. This category includes applicants coming to the UK to fill shortage occupations.  You can find a list of shortage occupations here: you can find a list here: Page on  This is updated from time to time so you should check it regularly.2. Intra-Company Transfer ‡ if you are an existing employee of a multinational employer who needs to be transferred to their UK branch for training purposes or to fill a specific skilled vacancy that cannot be filled by a settled or EEA worker either on a long term basis or for frequent short visits. There are 4 sub-categories of Intra-Company Transfer:i)Long Term Staff ‡ if you have been working for your organisation for at least 12 months directly prior to your transfer.  You can get a visa of up to 5 years under this route  (or 9 years for any staff earning £155,300 a year or more). ii) Short Term Staff ‡ if you have been working for your organisation for at least 12 months directly prior to your transfer.  You can get a visa of up to 12 months.iii) Graduate Trainee ‡ if you are a recent graduate recruit being transferred to a UK branch of your organisation for the purpose of training. (This route must not be used to fill long-term posts). You must be coming to the UK as part of a structured graduate training programme with clearly defined progression towards a managerial or specialist role within your organisation for a maximum period of 12 months.iv) Skills Transfer ‡ if you are employed overseas and are being transferred to a UK branch of the same organisation in a graduate occupation to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to perform your role overseas, or to impart your specialist skills - your visa would be for a maximum of six months.3. You can qualify for a Tier 2 visa if you are an elite sportsperson or coach.4. If you are a Minister of Religion undertaking preaching and pastoral work you may be able to qualify for a Tier 2 visa.Or this may apply to some people:The UK Ancestry visa provides another route to work in certain very restricted circumstances if you have a grandparent who was born in the UK.  You can read more about that in my post: UK Ancestry Visas which can be found on my blog: UK Visa Applications.
How can I get working permit to work in London?
There are agencies (or umbrella companies) that could sponsor you for a visa. They effectively employ you, but you are required to find a contract for yourself with a client within a certain period-perhaps around 3 months.The umbrella company will assist you in preparing CV’s and insist that you send a certain number out every week, attend networking events and so forth, in order to find a client contract ASAP.If you don't have good skills and a fair chance of getting work, don't waste your money on this exercise. It's an uncertain time in the UK right now, and won't be easy even for British citizens to find a new job.Here's the name of an umbrella company I know of: Visa Support services from BITE Consulting for London UK
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