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What to fill out if my OPT has expired in the DS-160 “Present Work/Education/Training Information” section when I am applying for my 2nd F1 visa?
Hello:If your OPT has expired, you might be out of status and might not be able to get a second F-1 in the U.S. without leaving.
Have you ever quit a job in an unplanned manner where one day you just snapped and said “I’ve had enough of this, I’m done”?
Back in 2022. I worked for a small construction firm. I was the 'administrative assistant' - which meant receptionist, book-keeper, contract preparer, scheduler, and records/file manager. It was a very busy firm, and the position was challenging and fun. Then the Project Manager I worked under retired and the company replaced him with "J" • this was someone who needed everything to be done HIS way. He criticized everything I did and declared me to be incompetent on a regular basis. Once, I came in to work on Monday and found over 100 job files piled in stacks on the floor, pulled apart. Each file folder had 12 specific sections. J decided he did not like how they were divided and wanted to condense them into only 5 sections, and to make sure it was done, he had spent hours on Sunday tearing apart all the files, leaving them for me to reassemble in the format he required. It took me 3 days to get it all reorganized, then we had a visit from the company owner (from a different city)who went ballistic and raked ME over the coals for not keeping the files properly (Naturally J did not claim responsibility) and told me if I didn't have things properly restored by the following Monday, I would be fired. I worked through the weened to restore the file system. This was while doing all my other tasks as well.The final straw came about a month later. One of the more complicated tasks I did was an elaborate invoice form for the state department of transportation. It was a multipage document, that had multiple fields that were used to calculate the totals in various other fields. This one invoice covered seven different jobs we were involved with. Throughout the month, I entered work times, material costs, and various other data into a multidimensional Access database that I had developed just for this purpose. I had used Access because my previous Manager had insisted on Access because that was what he knew. We had used this system successfully for over a year. J, the new guy, did not understand how matrix databases worked, and was not comfortable with "the secretary" knowing how to generate those invoices when he could not. I came in on a Monday, ready to finalize the monthly invoice and discovered the database was gone. He had "dumped" all the data into ONE EXCEL spread sheet Not even a workbook. Without keeping the different equations or related links. Because he could understand Excel. Only when he tried to develop the invoice, he couldn't because it was too confusing and not properly organized. He told me I had to produce the invoice, for his review, by close of business. Oh, and he had destroyed the backups of the Access database and removed Access from the computer system so I would not be 'lazy' and just restore that program. He had also simply deleted the data from all the prior invoices, saying we did not need that since we had hard copies of the actual invoices. I called the Home Office an explained what happened. The owner told me to just 'roll with it and do the best I could' while J was learning the company, and don't worry about the details. Then he spoke to J. After the call, J came into my office area, yelling and screaming at me to 'going behind his back' because I was too stupid and lazy to do my job! I let him rant, when he ran out of steam he stormed out of the building telling me to get to work. By the time he returned, I had cleared out my desk, and left a letter of resignation on his, with a copy faxed to the home office. I was immediately hired by a large engineering firm, who recognized the skills I had acquired at the construction firm. I started that job one week later. It was a much better job, with significantly higher pay and better benefits, so in the long run, J being a total jerk was to my benefit. I learned about a year later that the state cancelled their contracts, in large part because of significant errors and conflicts with the billing - all of which started with the first invoice after I left. Gee - I wonder if that was related?
What happens if I use my DHS authorized SSN for working while my work visa is expired and I'm in the process of renewing my visa again in the US?
Your SSN does not give you the authority to work. It is for tax identification purposes.If your work visa is expired, you have no authority to work. And if your SSN is issued with a statement of “Valid for work with DHS authorization only” on the card, they will check your SSN and work status as part of an employment eVerify check. And it will come back as unauthorized to work until a new work visa is issued.Until your work visa is renewed, you have no authority to work by any means. And attempting to do so can put your visa renewal at risk for violating immigration laws.
What was your process of getting an H1B1 (or other work visa) like? Was it really hard?
I just got my H-1B1 (Singaporean) visa approved. The application process differs based on your own situation (e.g. applying for new H-1B1, extending existing H-1B1, current visa status in US, etc).In my situation, I submitted the application as a Change of Status from F-2 (dependent spouse) to H-1B1. I could apply for H-1B1 in two ways: conprocessing at US Consulate in Singapore or apply for Change of Status in US. My employer opted for the 2nd option.A very well-documented source on application processes and documents required can be found here.H1B1 Visa for Chileans and Singaporeans in a Specialty OccupationBelow are the few steps taken for my application.Step 1: Get supporting documents readyMy employer asked for the following supporting documents from me (all scanned copy)1) Masters degree and transcripts2) Bachelor degree and transcript3) Signed offer letter4) Resume5) Passport bio page6) Spouse passport bio page7) I-94 for my husband and meYou can download the electronic copy of I-94 here: I-94 Admission Number Retrieval8) Marriage certificate9) I-20 for my husband and me10) F-2 visa page on passportStep 2: File for Labor Conditions Application (LCA)My employer filed LCA to US Depart of Labor and we received the certificed LCA after 7 calendar days.Step 3: File for I-129After we received the certified LCA, my employer filed I-129 petition for non-immigrant workers to USCIS under premium processing option. On the 15th calendar day after submission, USCIS notified us that the premium processing option for my application was rejected. Please take note, although normal H-1B visa can apply for premium processing, which takes 15 days to receive the result at a fee, H-1B1 visa is NOT eligible for premium processing. Fortunately, my petition was approved 1 week later under regular processing. Altogether, my I-129 was approved in 3 weeks (calendar days), which was much shorter than the 2-month processing period stated on USCIS website.Step 4: Decision & the hard copy approvalThe case status of I-129 petition can be checked on USCIS website. USCIS Home PageI subscribed to the email notification so that I was notified whenever there is an update on my case status. The hard copy of the work permit was delivered to the lawyers about a week after decision.Overall, my application took about 6-week from the date LCA was filed till the hard copy was delivered to the lawyers.ConProcessing v.s. I-129 PetitionAs I researched mostly about the conprocessing while I was looking for jobs (I wasn't aware that I could go with petition approach then), here are the differences about both approaches.The application process is the same till certified LCA is received, then the processes become different.ConProcessing- Location: applicant must apply in Singapore- Processes: submit DS-160 Non-Immigrant Visa Electronic Application online, pay application fee online, schedule interview appointment online (Apply for a U.S. Visa), go for onsite interview in Singapore- Duration: 2 calendar days appointment wait time, 2 workdays processing time, and 1 day to deliver passport to your local Singapore address Appointment Wait TimesI-129 Petition- Location: applicant must stay in US during the application period- Processes: as described above- Duration: 2 months stated processing time although actual processing time may vary, 1 week delivery time for the physical visaAlthough the conprocessing looks short and sweet, the Consulate interview is heavily focused on whether H-1B1 visa applicants are able to demonstrate strong ties to the foreign residence (Singapore) and intent to return to the home country (Singapore) at the conclusion of the U.S. assignment because the H-1B1 visa classification is a single intent visa classification. From my research, the intent to return to Singapore is usually demonstrated by ownership of local properties (a big help) and family members are living in Singapore. I also Googled "H-1B1 Singapore rejection", and no rejection case was seemingly reported in various online forums.The official information about creation of H-1B1 visas at North America Free Trade Agreement can be found here. The specifics are in page 2, under section "Chile and Singapore Free Trade Agreements". Page on UscisI hope my experiences help fellow Singaporeans (not sure if Chileans follow the same processes..) shorten their journey to research on the visa information. Personally, I didn't find all information were clearly summarized at any one place and piecing all the fragmented information together was a torture.
How can I fill out a W-4 and taxes if my spouse has an expired visa (undocumented)?
First of all, someone’s visa being expired does not mean they are undocumented. US visas are solely for entry, the visa’s expiration date is the last day one can use that visa to enter the US, it has nothing to do with how long one can stay in the US. One can enter the US on the day the visa expires, and be admitted for months or years afterwards.Second, you fill out your W-4 withholding form based on your marital status and tax situation. Your spouse’s immigration status is not relevant to any part of the W-4 form. And generally, the tax laws apply the same way to people residing in the US, regardless of whether they are documented or undocumented. You and your spouse’s tax returns would be computed and filed the same way regardless of whether you and your spouse are documented or undocumented.
How do I apply for Canada work permit?
Canada Work Permit:A work permit for Canada is given to an individual who is not a citizen or permanent resident of Canada, yet wishes to work here. It is a mandatory work permit, irrespective of whether the employer lives in Canada or not. The validity is only for specific time duration and for a specified job only. This means that a single work permit is applicable only for the intended work. If you want to switch jobs, you need to apply for a new permit again.Canada Work Permit Process:This is a two-fold process. In the first level, a Canadian employer must receive an approval from the Canadian government to hire foreign workers. At the second stage, on being granted permission, the designated employees should apply for receiving a work permit.Canada Work Permit Requirements:At the time of applying for the Canada work permit, you need to meet certain requirements in order to get the work permit for Canada. These are:-Your intention of leaving the country after the lapse of the work permitShould be self-sufficient enough to support yourself and your family during your stay hereShould not be having a criminal backgroundMust meet the health requirementsCanada Work Permit ApplicationThis work permit application requires verification from the Canadian labor market. This is known as the Labor Market Opinion (LMO). On getting a positive LMO, an individual can apply for a work permit. However, there are some categories which do not require this approval like NAFTA and Post-Graduate Work Permits as well as Intra-Company Transfers.Canada Work Permit VisaWork Permit for Canada from IndiaCanada work visa Archives | More Visas
How should I apply for jobs in Dubai?
I think I can give you the best answer, You must apply for Dubai jobs via following website wedado.comWhy should you use above site?The leading job site in the Middle East and North Africa, connecting job seekers with employers looking to hire. Every day, thousands of new job vacancies are listed on the award-winning platform from the region's top employers.and if you are really looking for jobs in Dubai / UAE please read following tips.If you’re planning to work in Dubai, you’ll need a work visa. The good news is, if you’re employed by a Dubai company, they’re pretty easy to obtain.Because a work visa is required, it’s easiest to head to Dubai after you’ve been offered a position. That being said, it’s possible to enter the emirate on a visitor or tourist visa for your job search and then transfer your visa status once you’ve found employment.Most visitors to Dubai aren’t required to obtain a visa ahead of time, one will be issued to you upon arrival.Citizens who don’t need a visa for 90 daysJob seekers from the following countries are allowed to remain in the UAE for 90 days after their arrival before leaving the country or applying for a work visa:AustriaBelgiumBulgariaCroatiaCzech RepublicCyprusDenmarkEstoniaFinlandFranceGermanyGreeceHollandHungaryIcelandItalyLatviaLiechtensteinLithuaniaLuxembourgMaltaNorwayPolandPortugalRomaniaSlovakiaSloveniaSpainSwedenSwitzerlandCitizens who don’t need a visa for 30 daysCitizens from the following countries also don’t need to get visas in advance, however visas issued on arrival will only be good for 30 days. That being said, citizens of these countries may extend their visas up to 60 days:AndorraAustraliaBruneiCanadaChinaHong KongIrelandJapanMalaysiaMonacoNew ZealandRussiaSan MarinoSingaporeSouth KoreaUnited KingdomUnited StatesThe VaticanWhile these tourist visas are a good way to enter the country in order to perform your job search, it’s critical that you either get a work visa, provided you find employment, or leave the country when your visa expires. If you’re caught working on a tourist visa you can be jailed or fined and deported.The good news is, once you find a job, the visa process is largely out of our hands. Outside of having to pryour employer with some documents, like your passport number, they’ll take care of the entire sponsorship and visa process for you. The not so great news is, your job isn’t entirely done.2. Get your health and labor cardsWhile your work visa is being processed, you’ll need to submit your medical records, passport copies, photo, job offer letter and visa application to the Department of Health and Medical Services. You’ll also have to get a blood test to rule out diseases like HIV, Hepatitis C and tuberculosis. At the moment, the UAE doesn’t allow foreign carriers of those diseases to reside in the emirates. Once you pass all the tests you’ll be issued a health card, which is mandatory for foreign workers in Dubai.You’ll also need a labor card which involves sending your passport photo, employment contract, entry visa, medical records and your employer’s labor licence to the Ministry of Labor.Finally, you’ll need a residence visa, which is issued by Dubai’s General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs. You’ll need to go in person, where you’ll fill out a form, pryour passport, medical records, health certificate, original entry permit, passport photos, a copy of your labor card and the receipt from your labor card processing.And that’s it! With your work visa, health card, labor card, and residence visa in hand, you’re all set to legally start working in Dubai.3. Know your job marketWhile the emirate’s overall financial health becoming stable, not all job markets are ready to bounce back. That being said, there are some areas that are expecting to blossom in preparation for Dubai’s hosting duties at expo 2022. Some markets where job-seekers might find success include:LegalFinanceMarketingProcurementITHospitalityTelecommTourismMany of the above sectors are performing so well that salaries are expected to continue to rise. LinkedIn’s MENA Recruiting Trends 2022 report goes into further detail, noting that job-seekers looking to take on the following roles within those sectors have the best chances of finding employment in Dubai :OperationsSalesEngineeringBusiness DevelopmentMarketing4. Check out the big companiesThere are some companies that are well known in Dubai for their rigorous hiring and excellent standing as places to work. The top 10 of those businesses include retail chains THE One, Splash, Estee Lauder and Hilti Emirates, media giant Omnicom, IT specialists EMC², Hilton Worldwide, Weber Shandwick Professional services and FedEx.5. Apply onlineTo get a better idea of what companies are hiring in Dubai, WEDADO, a favorite among Dubai job-seekers, is a good place to start.6. Consider a recruiterMany Dubai businesses hire through headhunters. Working with an agency is very common, and is still the best way to procure a job within the emirate. Some of the best reviewed agencies include:Jivaro Partners (marketing & communications jobs)ESP International (conferences, events, hospitality)MCG & Associates (PR, publishing, marketing & communications jobs)Robbert Murray (development, construction, engineering & public sector jobs)BAC Middle East (engineering, marketing & management jobs)If decide to work through an agency, look for companies that take commission on the employer’s end, not yours. Be wary of recruiters that collect high fees from job-seekers: these tend to be scams.7. Work on your CVThe single most important tool in your job search will be your CV.Dubai’s job market is extremely competitive, and on average a recruiter will only spend six seconds checking out your resume. It’s important to avoid major CV pitfalls, like using buzzwords. “I’d rather see applicants present themselves in a more unique way, supported with facts such as targets realised, projects worked on, among others,” said Annalinde Nickisch of The Thought Factory in a recent interview with The Gulf News. Monster offers a great resource for CV tips and advice for those looking for a little more help.8. NetworkDubai is known for hiring internally and among employee-referenced candidates. If you know someone inside the company, you’re up to 6.6% more likely to land the job. If you can’t get to Dubai for networking events, you can still network. Not only are there plenty of online communities and social media networks, you can also find specific “online job fairs” to help with the “who-you-know.”Other Tips for Job SeekersCraft your online persona. If a recruiter Googles you and only finds your old MySpace pictures, you’re unlikely to find a job. Not only should your social media networks be professionally tailored or made private, but you should also boost your SEO by creating an online resume, filling out job seeker profiles on websites like LinkedIn and Bayt, and publishing and sharing material relevant to the industry in which you’re seeking a job. The more experienced you seem in a google search, the more likely you are to stand out from the pack.Don’t apply for jobs you’re not qualified for. Just because you’re excited about a company doesn’t mean you should apply to jobs that aren’t a good fit for your skills. Not only do these applications not typically result in a “way in,” hiring managers tend to see scattered applications as a sign of a candidate who doesn’t know what they want and lacks direction.Be patient. It takes time to find a job anywhere in the world, but Dubai’s job market is particularly competitive. On top of the talent saturation, hiring in Dubai tends to be seasonal, meaning most recruitment takes place from January to March and almost completely stalls during the holy month of Ramadan and the hottest months of the summer. It’s not uncommon for your job search to take six months to a year-- so hang in there!Good luck!
How do I fill out the New Zealand visa form?
Hi,Towards the front of your Immigration Form there is a check list. This check list explains the documents you will need to include with your form (i.e. passport documents, proof of funds, medical information etc). With any visa application it’s important to ensure that you attach all the required information or your application may be returned to you.The forms themselves will guide you through the process, but you must ensure you have the correct form for the visa you want to apply for. Given that some visa applications can carry hefty fees it may also be wise to check with an Immigration Adviser or Lawyer as to whether you qualify for that particular visa.The form itself will explain which parts you need to fill out and which parts you don’t. If you don’t understand the form you may wish to get a friend or a family member to explain it to you. There is a part at the back of the form for them to complete saying that they have assisted you in the completion of it.If all else fails you may need to seek advice from a Immigration Adviser or Lawyer. However, I always suggest calling around so you can ensure you get the best deal.
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