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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing i-765 processing time after biometrics

Instructions and Help about i-765 processing time after biometrics

Al welcome to my channel this is hailey and today my blog will be in English because I just received the notification from USPS that my work permit has been delivered in my mailbox by the way and new visa like any blocks about visa application and will make it in English for people to easy to follow up okay let's get check it out hello guys I'm so excited to share with you guys this moment when I open my mouth to receive my work permit I will talk a little bit before I opened it about my case I am in Seattle fueler it took me 77 days to receive the notification that my case has been approved make case is adjustment of status I filed my work permit and advanced peril at the same time when I filed my i-485 the word premises call i-765 the trouble call I won 3-1 and I filed all of them at the same time and I will talk about in my different videos about how I filed this form and after 77 days I received notification that they approved my application the day when they approved my word permit it takes one week to for me to receive the everything and they said they accept approved my word permit as well as my advance parole which is travel permit at the same time so I received a combo card but on the website my travel application for travel they still not approve it anyway as received a notice this is the mail that they stare so Social Security Administration sort of thing they will send me new social security numbers heart okay yes this is my social security card and they said that is for work only and this is I think this is the combo card that I mentioned before so I have to cut it very careful not oh oh I mess up I cut the paper inside here so the first page is the tracking number oh this is my work primitive okay let me check other teachers what they say so they give us the envelope to store the new card right here and then this is read before you try to approach this mean this is a couple card so it's not wearin teeth that they will allow you to rien turn to the US if you use this card they still have some requirements and this is my card it's red card by the way so this is the information about the card like rule and regulation and how can I use that so this card valid for one year and below the card they said serve as nine five one two advanced peril so which mean I will use this to travel outside of the US but anyway this is my experience how I get my work permit and if you enjoy this video just let me know and I will make.


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