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How can I get a work permit in the US?
There are various ways to get work authorization, either through employer sponsorship, or without employer sponsorship. Below are the most common H1B alternatives that come to my head…Work authorization without employer sponsorshipF1 CPTThis is a great option and very popular among people who didn’t get an H1B. It does not require any type of sponsorship from the employer. Everything is done through the school. All the employee needs to do is enroll in a school program that offers CPT, and request CPT to work. Once CPT is granted by the school, the employee can work for the duration of the degree program (typically 2 years). The requirement is that the work is related to the program of study, so the degree program has to be chosen accordingly to the type of work the employee will be doing.F1 CPT is a great option to get work authorization for ~2 years, during which other options can be sought. During the 2 years the employee works on F1 CPT, the employer can try again for the H1B, or even start the Green Card process.J1 TraineeThis visa doesn’t require the employer’s sponsorship either, but it is a little tricky because it is meant for training and not actual work. But if the employer is flexible enough to make the job offer look more like a training offer, then the employee will be able to work on J1 Trainee visa.Work authorization requiring employer sponsorshipH1B visaH1B is the most common work visa sponsored by employers. Finding an employer willing to sponsor H1B can be challenging due to companies unwilling to take the risk of the H1B lottery. Despite this, there are still many companies willing to sponsor visas, you just need to be persistent in your searchIn particular, you should know that there is one type of employer that will always be willing to sponsor your H1B. These are the so called “H1B consultants”. The reason why they always want to sponsor your H1B is because they make money from it. Once they decide to hire you, they will sponsor your H1B and rent you out to other companies (think Google, Facebook, Cisco, etc). If your hourly rate is $100/hr, they will take $25/hr and you get the $75/hr. So the H1B consultants get a cut from your check, and you get your H1B sponsored. It’s a win-win.Be careful when working with these consultants because many of them are scammers. Serious consultants will never make you pay for H1B fees, as this is illegal. Serious consultants also work with reputable client companies.O1 visaThis is most common for scientists and researchers who have a PhD or a MS with significant number of publications. It is not only reserved for Nobel Prize winners but in order to succeed the applicant definitely needs to prove high recognition in his/her field.Green CardThis is the best option if you want to keep the employee in the long term. But depending on the country of citizenship, it can be easy or hard to obtain. If your employee is on F1, don’t listen to lawyers who discourage you from pursuing a Green Card. It is perfectly feasible to go from F1 to Green Card and I have seen a lot of people succeed at it. You just need a very good lawyer to handle your case.
How long will immigration give the “dreamers” to leave the U.S.A after their work permit expires?
I don’t think that this can be realistically answered at this time.First, Trump has given Congress time to act and do something legislatively. If Congress can get its‡ head out of its‡ collective butt on immigration and reach a good compromise, the question may become moot.Secondly, while the lawsuit to end DACA is effectively on hold for the moment, those who supported the program have now filed their own suit to stop any enforcement. Stay tuned on this one.I am hoping and praying for Congress on this one. For once, Trump has it right. The solution lies in legislation, not executive orders.As far as the principle of DACA goes, I think it is a good one. Children should not be held accountable for the sins of their parents. For those who only know the US as home, they should be permitted to stay. The caveat is, unless enforcement is stepped up to remove fresh arrivals as soon as possible, the cycle will continually repeat itself. Obama was within the law to exercise ‘prosecutorial discretion‡ in not removing the Dreamers, but I believe that the issuance of EADs was the overreach.Long story short, only meaningful immigration reform solves this problem. Let’s hope Congress can get it right and with the least amount of hot air as possible.
How do people get Green Card after moving to USA on work permit?
Hi,Apply for a Green Card. If you are eligible, file Form I-485 - Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status with USCIS, including all supporting documents and fees. USCIS will review your application and schedule an interview with you.
How can an IT professional find job in USA/Canada/Australia while working in India without a work permit to work abroad?
You cant. All those countries require a PR or something similar for you to enter the country and search for jobs. If your company sends you to one of those countries, then thats the easiest way. If you are applying on your own, then there is no work permit without a job offer and job offers are really tough to get while in India. I’m not 100% sure because they have so many visa categories, but I’m pretty sure its the same.
How long can I stay in the UK after my work permit expires?
Up to 14 days without any penalties, but I would advise you to leave before your visa expires. (14-day grace period)Immigration Rules part 1: leave to enter or stay in the UK39E. This paragraph applies where:(1) the application was made within 14 days of the applicant’s leave expiring and the Secretary of State considers that there was a good reason beyond the control of the applicant or their representative, provided in or with the application, why the application could not be made in-time, or(2) the application was made:(a) following the refusal of a previous application for leave which was made in-time, and(b) within 14 days of:(i) the refusal of the previous application for leave, or(ii) the expiry of any leave extended by section 3C of the Immigration Act 1971, or(iii) the expiry of the time-limit for making an in-time application for administrative review or appeal (where applicable), or(iv) any administrative review or appeal being concluded, withdrawn or abandoned or lapsing.
How can I stay in Canada after my post-graduate work permit expires?
You should be applying for PR prior to your PGWP expiry.Let's assume you have a three-year PGWP, calculate your CRS score factoring in your Canadian degree/diploma plus 1 year of Canadian work experience and see if it is enough to get an ITA for PR. Calculate you CRS score with 2 years of Canadian work experience. And so on.I did a test CRS score calculation using a 25 year-old person, single, with a Canadian degree/diploma (3 year minimum) plus 1 year of Canadian work experience in PGWP and the second best IELTS scores and the CRS score is 500.Get on your horse and calculate your CRS score and see when you should apply for PR.
How can a student stay back in Canada after work permit expires?
Seek job and look for potential employer who would be willing to get the LMIA approval and be willing to retain you.Avoid overstaying on your visa as this might hamper your future chances to settle down in Canada.Another expensive way out is that you opt for another course which would then allow you to stay in Canada.
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