Video instructions and help with filling out and completing ead processing time

Instructions and Help about ead processing time

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How much time does H4 EAD processing take from the time of submitting the application?
In our case, it took 58 days with an RFE. I think no two cases will be the same. Don't wait till the last minute though. Just apply and check after 45 days. Setup alerts, USCIS is great at emailing and texting case updates.
Is it possible to get GC-EAD for a L2 EAD when the spouse (L1) has an approved I-140? If yes, what's the process, and how much time does it take (GC is to be filled shortly)?
No, you are eligible for GC-EAD only if you file a I-765 with or after filing a form I-485It’s H4 visa holders that, if the primary applicant has an approved I-140, can file for a H4-EAD (normally they have no right to work in the US), but even in that case that’s not the GC-EAD, but a specific provision for H4 visa holders.You’ll have to file your I-765 with your AOS application (I-485) to get the GC-EAD. Typically the current processing times are up to 4 months of wait (even more sometimes)
Has anyone received their H4 EAD lately? How long was the processing time?
The EAD is taking anywhere from 4–8 months to process (even longer). USCIS is taking an extremely long time to process EAD applications. You can check out the processing times here: USCIS Processing Time Information. You’ll need to select the office that is processing your case.*I am not an attorney. Please do not misconstrue the above as legal advice.*
Do I need to be in the US to fill out an L2 EAD renewal?
I have a valid I-94 which is due to expire in May 2018 , i have been in US last September 2017 and applied for L2 EAD and got it in December 2017, but it as a validity of only 3 month , so i need to apply for renewal. But right now i am in my home country and my spouse in US , I want to know if my spouse can apply for renewal of L2 EAD with my old I-94. My spouse L1 I-94 is valid till December 2020?
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Is the H4 EAD processing delayed more than the normal processing time?
I’m not sure what you mean by “more than the normal processing time” as the H-4 EAD processing times depend on which service center the application was submitted to.You can find the processing times here: Processing Times*I am not an attorney. Please do misconstrue the above as legal advice.*