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Can I work pending the renewal of my EAD?
If your EAD is in a category whose extension does not depend on extension of an underlying status (the categories that qualify are: A03, A05, A07, A08, A10, C08, C09, C10, C16, C20, C22, C24, C31, A12, and C19), and you have filed for renewal of this EAD before your existing EAD expired, yes, you can work while your EAD renewal application is pending, until 180 days after your old EAD expired.You can refer to this fact sheet for more information, and your employer can follow the instructions in this section of the Handbook for Employers for how to fill out your I-9 in this situation.
Do I need to be in the US to fill out an L2 EAD renewal?
I have a valid I-94 which is due to expire in May 2022 , i have been in US last September 2022 and applied for L2 EAD and got it in December 2022. but it as a validity of only 3 month , so i need to apply for renewal. But right now i am in my home country and my spouse in US , I want to know if my spouse can apply for renewal of L2 EAD with my old I-94. My spouse L1 I-94 is valid till December 2020?
What can my wife do if her company is asking her to resign because her H4 EAD work authorization is expiring (while the renewal is still in process)?
Not much other than to resign. The company does not want to retain an employee beyond the enployeeu2019s work authorization period. Your wife could work until the last day of the authorization and ask if they would rehire her once the new EAD arrives.The company holds the leverage in this case. If she doesnu2019t resign, the company would terminate her employment anyway once the EAD expires.
Can I travel to India and work there until my renewed EAD is issued? I have applied for my EAD renewal 73 days backm but it seems it may take 180 to 230 days.
Contact your Area Representative (Congress man) according to your home address, their team will help you speed up your case and check what is going on in your case. send them email with all details and follow up with them, it may take 15 to 30 days to hear case response.Here is site to find your area representative, you can check map and find representative website, email id and phone number in it.Members of the United States Congress
How do I re-entry US while my EAD (C09) card with Advance Parole is pending? (I have family emergency so I have to get out of US)
If you have a pending application for adjustment of status, you cannot leave the United States without having an Advance Parole document in your possession.If you did leave without Advance Parole, you will be considered to have abandoned your application and as an intending immigrant you would likely be refused entry under section 214(b) of the INA upon your return and have to restart the immigration process from outside the United States if it is possible in your circumstances. Any bars to admissibility due to any accumulated unlawful presence would trigger as well.As of today (Dec 7), the processing time for an I-765 EAD for adjustment of status applicants is taking 5u20136 months at the most per the USCIS Case Processing Times pages for the Service Centres that process these applications. As another answer mentioned, you could make an InfoPass appointment, which would take two weeks or so and vary based on the office you would be making your appointment at.In the end, you must weigh the urgency and reasons for your need to travel against the potential ramifications if you choose to travel without having secured Advance Parole. You may wish to discuss the situation with you family. Best of luck.
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