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How can I renew my driver’s permit in California before it expires?
That’s a good question considering that the CA DMV is not very clear about driver’s permit renewals.The DMV, though, states that once your driver’s permit expires, you’ll have to restart the entire process, which means that you’ll have to fill out an application form, pay your fees, submit required documentation, and retake the exam.However, since I am not sure about your age, you may be required to have an adult (parent or legal guardian) to validate your application.A driver’s permit is good for a year so you’ll have enough time to practice for your driving test.You can find a lot of resources online whether you need to practice on your area to get more familiarized with your driving.Hope this answers your question.Good luck!
Can you renew a permit after expiration?
In most jurisdictions, no. Once a permit has expired you will have to reapply and repay to have the pleasure of starting the permit process for the beginning.
I'm 18 and in California. My permit expires this month. Can I renew my permit before it expires or will I have to retake the written test again?
The DMV web site isn’t completely clear on whether a permit can be “renewed.” See How to Renew an Instruction Permit for info, but the page basically says, “If your permit has expired, you must start again.” That means filling out the application again, providing all documentation, paying fees, and yes, retaking the written test.Since you’re already 18, at least you won’t have to bring a parent with you and have them sign your application.You will be issued a new “instruction permit” and as far as the DMV records go, you’ll be starting over, including back at zero for the six months‡ practice period before you can take the driving test.IMPORTANT: You can still get credit for the practice time you’ve put in if you keep your old (current) permit with the new one. The DMV won’t keep track of this for you, so if you lose your first permit they won’t give you any credit for practicing. But if you keep the old one and the new one, you can get credit for whatever months of practice you put in before your old permit expired. Take them both with you when you go to take the driving test.The permit is good for a year, so practice whenever you can so that you can pass the driving test on the first try. Google for the route they take at the DMV office where you’ll be taking your driving test, and practice driving in that area so you’re comfortable there. You can also find all the things they look for on the driving test.Good luck!
How do you renew a passport before it expires?
With the introduction of the online passport applications facility by the Ministry of External Affairs, government of India, all passport-related services have become increasingly streamlined and easily accessible. Under the Passport Seva project, the Passport Seva Kendras help citizens of India to apply for new passports or renew their expiring passports. This week we look at various steps involved in reissuing passports online using the new Passport Seva.Documents requiredOld passport in original with self-attested photocopy of its first four and last four pages, including ECR/Non-ECR page and the page of observation (if any), made by the Passport Issuing Authority and validity extension page, if any, in respect of short validity passportProof of present address, such as aadhaar card, water/electricity bill etc (in case the applicant's present address is different from the one mentioned in the passport)In case the applicant is a minor, a declaration affirming the particulars furnished in the application. This can be downloaded from the 'Annexure/Affidavits' link under the 'User Assistance' tab on the homepage of the Passport Seva, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India websiteProcedure for applicationVisit website Passport Seva, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of IndiaDownload the e-form through the 'Download e-Form' link under the 'User Assistance' tab on the homepageFill the downloaded e-form and click the 'Validate & Save' button. This will generate an XML file which will be required later for uploading in the systemNext, register through the Passport Seva portal and create a user ID by clicking on the 'Register' link under the 'Online Application Filing' section on the homepageNow, login to the Passport Seva portal with the user ID created in the previous stepUpload the XML file generated in earlier step through the 'Upload e-Form' linkNext, click the 'Manage Appointment' link on 'View Saved/Submitted Applications' page to schedule an appointment at a Passport Seva KendraClick the 'Print Application Receipt' link to print the application receipt containing the Application Reference Number (ARN)/Appointment NumberVisit the Passport Seva Kendra where appointment has been taken, along with original documentsAt the Passport Seva Kendra, collect a token for application from the Token Issuance Counter, submit the token, acknowledgement receipt for application and prior Appointment Slip printout to the executive at the service counter when the token number is displayedFollowing the verification, proceed to the granting counter, when called for further processing of your applicationThe passport is dispatched after successful application form submission, with final status as 'Granted'Points to rememberOnly emergency/medical cases can visit the Passport Seva Kendra without an appointment. Services are provided at the discretion of Passport Seva Kendra in-charge or the Passport OfficerMinor applicants below 4 years of age need to carry a passport-sized photograph (with a white background) while visiting the Passport Seva Kendra. Other applicants need not carry any photograph as the photograph will be captured at the Passport Seva Kendra itselfIf any applicant submits only the ration card as proof of address, it should be accompanied by one more proof of address out of the categories mentioned above (Aadhaar card, water/electricity bill etc)Resubmission of application form is required, in case the applicant does not visit the Passport Seva Kendra within 90 days from the online form submission
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