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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can i work while waiting for my work permit

Instructions and Help about Can i work while waiting for my work permit

Music hey guys this is Bruce and this is me cutie and today we're gonna be talking about four challenges of getting the green card and then we'll jump into questions as we always do each week on visa adjustment of status and green card now we're talking to both YouTube and we're talking to Facebook so if you have any questions on Facebook or YouTube feel free to ask us and we'll it's not just us guys and remember we're not just we're not lawyers we're not authorized consultants but we have been through the experiences ours ourselves successfully and we have the the honor of being the facilitators of this entire group that has been helping each other for years so that's what we're doing we're having some technical difficulties over here on on Facebook so unfortunately we might not be able to do it on Facebook but we still have YouTube thank goodness all right with that being said let's see who's who's on here before we get started we've got about fourteen viewers here on YouTube we've got Michael we've got Shannon we've got travel and Belgium how you doing we've got Metroid ed hi Harvey I've got Shannon we've got travel and build oh don't worry read that 110 J Barnes Semper Fi hello Yuri and Bruce how are you guys doing we've got Steve thank you Steve so much thank you for helping us out here we really appreciate that and thanks to everybody else who's who's on this call remember this is the perfect opportunity to ask not just us but our whole community about questions regarding the k1 visa a green card and adjustment status and speaking of the k1 visa before we get started we've got a book coming up real soon really soon it's not just a book but it's an audiobook and it's a full course that walks you through the entire process we're gonna actually be given a lot of those access away for free as well as the book away for free as a promotional deal so just stay tuned keep make sure you keep on staying tuned every week so let's get right into it URI is actually for those you guys didn't know URIs actually going through the green card process she has her green card as a matter of fact but we've had some challenges and actually people have been been calling us and messaging us on Facebook and on YouTube about challenges and so we're gonna address those four challenges what would you say it was one of the challenges that you had for the green card yourself before I get into the four that I know about I would say probably the weight because it takes in a year here in Colorado and also I knew that there was a marriage interview that was something that I was like oh so I worried about because it is my green card depends.

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