Form I-765

Consideration of I-765 form

An essential part of filing procedure is that a form has to be duly prepared. After form I-765 is completed by an applicant, it further has to be filed together with required supplementary documentation to USCIS for consideration. In order to avoid any delays or rejections a person should strictly follow the specified instruction for filling out a document. If an applicant wants to have his/her form accepted, it is vital to enclose correct filing fee and sign a document. It is necessary to check if all information provided is sufficient for a document to be considered a properly filed and further accepted by USCIS. If information provided is incomplete, a person will be asked to correct such insufficiency and submit a document again.

Upon I-765 is accepted, it will be checked for completeness and correctness. In order a filed form not to be denied, a person has to submit requested initial evidence and provide all required information that further will be a ground for eligibility. In some cases USCIS officials may require an applicant to provide more information or initial evidence. USCIS officials also may ask an applicant to appear for an interview to collect biometrics such as signature, fingerprints or a photo. If it is necessary, a person has to provide original documents of some copies which further will be given back. When it is required to submit biometrics electronically, an applicant will be sent a notice including time of appointment and list of requested documentation. After a form I-765 is considered and all necessary steps for granting EAD are accomplished, an applicant will receive a confirmation. If a form is rejected, a person will be provided with a special notice explaining reasons of denial. In order to get an Employment Authorization Document you may be asked to take it from USCIS office or may get by mail.