Form I-765

Online filing procedure for a form i-765

Form i-765 is an application for an employment authorization. Foreign citizens usually file such application in order to obtain an Employment Authorization Document which further allows to work within the United States. People who are allowed to stay temporarily in the U.S. and want to start working must get a work permit which allows to be legally employed. Before filing a form, non-immigrants must be sure that they are empowered to work on the territory of U.S.

It is noteworthy that not every person can file an application form electronically. Here find the list of cases when an individual is allowed to file i-765 online to obtain EAD:

  • if a person is a national of Micronesia (i.e. Marshall Islands and Palau);
  • if a person is a refugee (paroled refugee) or an asylee;
  • students on F1 visa with further off-campus employment;
  • foreign nationals on visas such as J-2, M-1, E-1, E-2, K-1, L-1 and L-2;
  • non-immigrants who filed a form i-485 (permanent resident card holders).

When filing i-765, first ensure you are empowered to implement this procedure. If you have all required rights, go to login page of electronic filing and start completing a form. Be sure all information is true and correct in order to avoid potential misunderstandings and rejection of an application. After an electronic form is filled in and submitted, a person receives a confirmation letter with a number of receipt. In most cases such application is required to be attached with supplementary (supporting) documents, which should be sent at address provided in a confirmation letter. Remember to attach all required documents if you want to have application processed.

After completion of abovementioned steps, you receive an approval notice from USCIS - a form i-797 which is a proof of filing i-765. Afterwards some applicants may receive a notice on biometric appointment which is an important procedure. If a person is required to submit his/her fingerprints, he/she has to go to an application support center at stated time. When all necessary requirements are met, your application will be processed and you will get a decision from USCIS on email.

The next issue when filing a form is a payment procedure. Foreign nationals who are empowered to file an electronic application are required to pay a filing fee in amount of 380 USD. There are certain cases when an applicant is not required to pay a service fee (for details go to the website of USCIS). In this case such applicants cannot file an electronic form and submit a paper one.

Take into account that such form may be filed together with the following ones:

  • form i-821 (for temporary protected status);
  • form i-539 (to extend or change non-immigrant status);
  • form i-131 ( for travel documents).

Remember that following the abovementioned requirements will lead to a positive result.