Form I-765

Supporting documentation for I-765

When filing a form I-765, an individual has to pay attention that some additional documents may be required. For more information regarding such documents foreigners may apply to the lawyer. It is important for an applicant to define first if he/she is eligible to file a form. In order to identify his/her eligibility an applicant has to define a category which he/she is referred to and further insert that category in the printable I-765. Each category requires different additional documents, for instance refugee has to attach a copy of form I-590, an approval letter and I-730, whereas foreign students have to enclose form I-20 A-B and certificate of eligibility of nonimmigrant. Each applicant is requested to submit enough evidences in order to get the Employment Authorization Document.

An important step in filing an application is payment of service fee. An applicant can easily check if the fee is correct on the website of USCIS. A person applying for an employment authorization has to pay duly the filing fee and attach the evidence of payment to form I-765. If a person isn`t submitting a form online but mailing to USCIS, in addition to the forms required by each category he/she has to attach some more supplementary documentation. Foreigners aren`t always required to submit original documents, so in some cases it is possible to provide a certified photocopy. All the applicants except those under category (c)(9) are required to submit a copy of Arrival-Departure Record (form I-94) and a copy of previous EAD if available. If there is no last authorization document, a person will have to provide other government-issued document of identification, i.e. passport which includes applicants personal details and a photo or a birth certificate bearing the applicant`s photo. It is possible to provide a visa issued by the foreign consulate or a national document of identification with a photo or a fingerprint. In some cases a photocopy of identity document can be submitted under condition that personal information and a photo can be seen clearly. In addition to the abovementioned documents and forms, an applicant has to enclose two 2 by 2 color photos of himself/herself which clearly show his/her face.